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Summer Rose srose aesthetics yeovil
Summer Rose - Training

Summer has trained in many modalities including:

  • Extended National diploma within Health and Social Care (triple distinction).
  • Level 3 and 4 Anatomy & Physiology, Phlebotomy and PRP Vampire Facials.
  • Botulinum Toxin – Foundation.
  • Dermal filler – Foundation and Advanced.
  • Anti-wrinkle Injections – Foundation.
  • Complications Management.

In addition during training as a student paramedic I received the following qualifications:

  • First Aid.
  • Paediatric First Aid.
  • CPR, Defibrillator and ECG trained
  • Drug administration.

Hey! I’m Summer Rose

Are you looking to enhance your natural beauty while ensuring your safety and well-being? Welcome to the world of sroseaesthetics.

I’m the owner of the sroseaesthetics and I’m based here at Ravenzara Aesthetics and Beauty Salon, Yeovil. I’ve studied intensively within the healthcare sector, and am highly trained in aesthetics.

With my background in healthcare, I bring a caring and professional approach to my aesthetics treatments, designed to help you look and feel your best.

I couldn’t be happier being able to enhance your natural beauty while in a safe and comfortable environment.

I’ve chosen to base myself at Ravenzara Aesthetics and Beauty Salon in Yeovil, as I love the friendly atmosphere in the salon, and that everyone is made to feel welcome.

About Me

I’m a highly trained healthcare professional with a passion for aesthetics. With intensive experience in the healthcare sector, I combine my training in healthcare with an artistic eye to give outstanding aesthetics results.

I have followed my heart and embraced an aesthetics career and I couldn’t be happier. I love creating gorgeous faces and leaving my clients happy with their treatments!

I always ensure that you feel safe, comfortable, and supported and love your results! I make sure to provide you with all the information you may need  as it’s important that you feel reassured.

I know first hand just how nerve racking it can be to have any treatment done, and I have personally had many aesthetics treatments, including cheek, chin, lip filler and anti-wrinkle injections, so you can rest assure that I know exactly how it feels!

price list 2023

Prices from…..

Dermal filler – prices from £80

Lip filler augmentation – prices from £80

Contour facial packaging – prices from £110

Nasolabial folds – prices from £130

Marionette lines – prices from £130

Anti-wrinkle & anti-aging – prices from £145

PRP vampire facials – prices from £150

Microneedling – prices from £30


Summer Rose

Aesthetics treatments

Dermal Fillers

Lip fillers and facial contouring packages with dermal fillers including cheeks, chin, jawline, nose (liquid rhinoplasty), and nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

Fillers are made of Hyaluronic acid and contain local anaesthetic to provide pain relief during the treatment, although a topical anaesthetic cream is also used, prior to treatment to numb the skin. 

Lip Filler augmentation

Lip Filler augmentation is a cosmetic procedure using EPTQ dermal filler within the lips. This treatment is tailored to the individuals needs and wishes using either 0.5ml or 1.1ml dermal filler within one session.

Lip filler helps balance the faces profile out, hydrates lips, smoothes wrinkles, adds volume and shape, creates definition on that cupid bow and overall adds fullness to the lips!

Lip fillers can be natural or full depending on your wishes and can be created over a number of sessions if you want to ease into it!

Contour Facial Packaging

This treatment uses EPTQ s500 dermal fillers to create your dream face! The aims of this is to help smooth out your profile by balancing the areas of the face, enhancing features of your face and creating that snatched look.

Areas that can be treated include the jaw, chin, cheek and nose also known as Liquid Rhinoplasty. I offer packages to treat more than one area in a session, or I can treat one area as a time.

Contour packages require a consultation or photos to be set directly to me to help assess your face so we can tailor this to your needs and wishes to ensure we are not putting filler where it is not needed.

Chin Augmentation

This treatment helps improves the overall proportion of the face, creating a slimmer, sharpened jawline illusion and snatching the face to create that contoured look and definition to the lower half of the face. This treatment often pairs well with cheek augmentation if your looking for that contoured look.

Jawline Filler

This treatment gives your jaw area a more defined look creating a slimmer appearance, defining the face, adding volume to areas that are lost to crate a sharpen jawline. This enhancement also pairs well with chin and cheek augmentation to help sculpt and define your side profile.

Liquid Rhinoplasty

This treatment uses dermal filler to alter and shape the nose without invasive surgery. Results of this are instant and can last up to 18 months. This treatments helps smooths out the nose removing any bumps and loss of volume in the nose, reshaping the areas desired. This treatment can also lift the top of the nose to create a tink flick look if desired.

Cheek Filler

This treatment is common for those who wish to restore the plumpness in their face. This can get rid of hollowed skin on the fat pads of your cheeks. This treatment can also be offered to those looking to enhance their cheek bones by achieving that sculpt, contoured look restoring plumpness, volume and definition. Cheek fillers can also help lift the lines around the mouth.

Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial folds are also known as smiles lines that run down from the nose to the corners of the mouth. These lines are caused by the continuous contraction of smiling. By adding filler here, this softens and plumps the area to remove these lines and smooths them out.

Marionette lines

This treatment uses dermal filler within these lines to help plump the area to soften out the lines. These are the lines that run from the corners of the mouth towards the chin. This is perfect for those individuals that wish to smooth out those lines.

Anti-wrinkle & Anti-aging

I offer anti-wrinkle consultations and various treatments to address ageing. These treatments can help improve or temporarily remove existing lines and be a preventative measure to help soften the expression lines that form when your face moves.

With both age and repetitive muscle movement, lines settle into the face and are visible even at rest. It’s these static, 24/7 lines that can make your face look tired and fatigued. By softening those lines and wrinkles in the skin, your face looks fresher, more youthful, and relaxed.

I offer a free 15-min consultation to address facial wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and frown lines.

PRP Vampire Facials

This treatment takes advantage of your bodys natural healing process. This facial helps tricks the skin into producing new collagen to help restore a more youthful appearance. This treatment has many benefits such as helping treat the removal of cane scars, blemishes, hyper-pigmentation, large pores and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles.

This treatment requires the use of phlebotomy. This is where we draw two vials of blood from the clients arm to use the plasma in the blood to microneedle into the face. Using the plasma has many benefits for the skin as it is a natural product from your body and helps promotes collagen product. This treatment is recommended to have once a month for best results epically when tackling scars.


Micro needling also known as collagen induction therapy is a less invasive treatment with similar benefits to the PRP Vampire facial. This treatment uses a clinical based serum with Hyaluronic Acid to microneedle into the skin. This is perfect for individuals who want to have the PRP Vampire Facial benefits but want to avoid having their blood taken. This is also recommended to have treatment once a month for best results.

Ravenzara salon is licensed and approved by SSDC for all necessary treatments including microneedling, microblading and electrolysis.


Great results

Summer Rose srose aesthetics yeovil
Summer Rose srose aesthetics yeovil
Summer Rose srose aesthetics yeovil
Summer Rose srose aesthetics yeovil
How do I avoid any complications?

I am fully qualified in all my treatments and also with complications management.

I provide safety checks at all appointments. This includes some of the following:

  • aspirating on the needle to ensure we are injecting the safe areas only,
  • checking your capillary refill at the start of the appointment, during and end,
  • providing you with knowledge information before and after your treatment with our aftercare pack and
  • assessing the face prior to treatment.

When performing my treatments I ensure I mark up areas with a white drawing pen to talk you through your outcome and assure correct placement to avoid any complications making you feel safe, supportive and most of all excited!

Contact me


The easiest way to get in touch is to direct message me on Instagram @srose_aesthetics. I’ll be happy to answer any questions, and book in your treatment at Ravenzara Salon, Yeovil.

Prior to carrying out any aesthetic treatments I offer a 15-min free consultation to go through everything with you including any areas of main concern, the realistic outcome or your treatment, pre-care and aftercare.

– Summer Rose

Reviews from

Happy clients

“Defo rate you the best! I’m so proud of the work you have achieved. I absolutely love them and cant thank you enough. I will defiantly be coming back when i need more!”

- Client

“I’m so happy with my treatment! Summer is such a polite and confident girl! I can really tell how much she loves her job as she is smashing it ! 10/10 my lips are perfect, I’m so happy with them”

- Client

“I love my lips! You were very professional and reassuring throughout and I felt no pain at all. I’ve found myself my new aesthetics lady! Healing was really quick and I have had no bruising at all. My lips look plump and have a lovely shape. I have had so many compliments on them already!”

- Client